R-cubed : A Motivational, Smart Band

Industrial Design 

A digital resistant band for older adults who are motivated to live an active lifestyle through strengthening their muscles. This tangible product is a dependable reminder to stay healthy and displays immediate progress. 

Worked with Peter J. Snyder, Chief Research Officer of Lifespan Hospital System, Providence, RI.

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Self (Aging in Place Course) 



Time Frame

Feb 2016 - May 2016

+ Opportunity

Wearable technology has transformed the way people exercise to improve their cardio, but it has yet to focus on muscle strength exercising. 

+ Goal

The goal was to produce an actual exercising equipment that could be used to impede Sarcopenia.

+ Result

The final solution is R-cubed, is smart resistant band that encourages older adults to exercise their muscles, which has proved to help with muscle atrophy.

R-cubed uses a stretch sensor to detect pulls and records the number of active pulls on the rectangular screen. When it becomes idle due to inactivity, it stores the information on the circular screen. The circular screen displays % of pulls current week / % of pulls past week. 

material: plastic, rubber
resistance: light 
tube length: 50" / tube diameter: 0.5" 
weight: 6.4 ounces  

1. Reminds

The smart band vibrates to remind the user to stay active! It is encourage the band to be placed on a hard surface where it can be seen or heard clearly.

2. Prompts

This smart band has a simple, built-in data collector that shows immediate progress to provide convenience to the user. 

3. Rewards

The smart band rewards the user with a motivational "thumbs up" on the rectangular screen for exercising just a bit each day and, most importantly, with healthier muscles! 

Based on user research and validation, many older adults are afraid to exercise in public because of embarrassment, and lack of self-confidence. This can be an extreme case, however R-cubed addresses the issue and eliminates the unhealthy cycle of fear and inactivity.

When I first visited a senior independent community, I observed older adults struggling with opening food packages. Originally I intended to redesign food packaging for the aging, but I left the facility determined to improve their muscle strength. I wanted to design a product that empowered old adults to take control of their muscles, thus easing simple tasks like opening a jar. 

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