OXO : A Pet Care Package

Business Design // OXO Project

A product extension for the renown housewares brand, OXO, which optimizes the dog washing process and creates a stronger bond between a pet owner and its pet. 

Refined based on feedback from John Farber, founder of OXO.

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Target Audience

OXO customers, who are dog owners



Time Frame

Feb 2016 - May 2016

+ Problem

Many dogs fear bath, whether it has to do with feeling uncomfortable staying put in the bathtub or getting scrubbed with the owner's hands. A stressed out dog can also stress out the pet owner, creating an unpleasant experience. 

+ Insight

The goal was to increase the profit for OXO with a new product line that is suitable for its young and old customers. OXO offers a range of housewares that increases the efficiency of a specific task. Providing dog washing tools that align with OXO's brand value can provide efficiency and enjoyment.

+ Product Mission and Value

OXO pet owners would want to use the Pet Care Package because it provides physical comfort for the user and dog, strengthens the bond between the user and dog, and increases the efficiency of the dog washing process.
The pet care package focuses on dog care, but is an example of OXO's potential in expanding to other areas of the pet market. 

The bath body leash secures the dog in place while the owner can comfortably use the furbath sponge to wash him or her with a thorough scrub. The anti-slip afterbath towel helps absorb excess water and prevents falls in the bathroom. OXO Pet Care Package eliminates the extra steps in the dog washing process, as well as worries that come with giving a pet dog a thorough bath.

A journey map of the 3 products: 

Bath Body Leash: materials: silicone and plastic / length 48", tube diameter: 0.6" / weight: 5.2 ounces 

Solution: Eliminates the usage of leash hooks, which may be difficult to use for some individuals. Prevents from hurting the the dog's neck, and frustration in dealing with wet leashes. 

Bath Body Leash In Use: 
1. Suction cup provides secure placement. 
2. Small c-clamps easily secures dog's body in place.
3. Flexible leash gives comfort and flexibility in washing the dog.

Furbath Sponge with storage: materials: silicone, plastic, and cellulose wood fibers / dimensions: 4.5" x 2.75" x 2.5" / weight: 4.8 ounces

Solution: Eliminates the continuous process of squeezing shampoo, and prevents hands from tiring out. 

FurBath Sponge In Use
1. Storage helps the bathroom stay clean.
2. Textured sponge prevents the hand from scrubbing and tiredness. 
3. Holes in the storage helps air flow and prevents molding.

Afterbath towel - materials: silicone, cotton / dimensions: 40" x 26" / weight: 1.9 lbs

Solution: Prevents slips and eliminates the extra step of re-flattening the towel on the ground. 

AfterBath Towel In Use
1. Silicone border allows the owner to easily spread the towel on the floor. 
2. Anti-slip silicone bottom stabilizes the owner when coming out of the bathtub
3. Cotton towel absorbs water as it drips from the dog.

The OXO project started off with understanding a product brand and and the brand's current customer base to help the business profit with new products. A group of designers, including me, warmed up by analyzing Best Buy and came up with new concepts that could help it thrive. Here are my sketches: 

My concepts are new product services for Best Buy's current customer base. Since Best Buy already has a huge pool of customers, I decided to focus on creating services that could help the company maintain and strengthen its customer's loyalty. 
Things I kept in mind: 
Opportunities to improve: 
Strengths to maintain: 
Well-known, been in the market for decades
Adaptable and observant of market
Good value; reliable technology
Comparison of products

With a similar process from above, I started to dissect OXO's mission. My goal was to fully understand what OXO offers, and figure out how to optimize the current customer experience with new products.

Universal Design
OXO empowers older and disabled users by providing timeless, everyday products with easy-to-use features that can also be used by the younger generations. OXO's established customer base includes people who have cases of arthritis and difficulty gripping with their hands. 

This SWOT chart allowed me to breakdown the brand's strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats. The guide kept me on track during the ideation phase. 

OXO home products can be found anywhere from the kitchen to the bathroom. I sketched out several consumer products that are commonplace in our daily lives since the brand provides everyday home goods. Out of all the potential markets, I believed OXO could represent pet care well.

Why Pet Care? 

OXO's brand equity can satisfy the huge number of pet owners in America with everyday pet products. 

Picture Dave, a 65-year old retired businessman – he lives with his wife and bulldog named Bessy. Their dining area is filled with OXO products, and because of these ergonomic products, he has enjoyed cooking more than ever. Similar to how OXO makes cooking enjoyable, it has the opportunity to transform pet care into a whole new, positive experience.

With pet grooming as my focus, I looked into the existing product market for improvements pet owners need. Below are three opportunities I found. 

The birth of OXO Pet Care soon came after! 

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