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UI/UX Design 

A launched website that boasts the positive influence design has on Fidelity's services to attract Fidelity's business partners, and prospective design employees. 

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Fidelity Investments



Time Frame

June 2015 - Aug 2015

The Boston intern team, which I was a part of, worked together to build a web prototype that jumpstarted the launch of the UXD website. Note that, our web prototype is slightly different from the launched website. 

+ Opportunity

Before I interned at Fidelity, I wasn't aware of its very own User Experience Design team. After joining the team and learning about their huge contributions to projects such as the Fidelity App for Apple Watch, I was determined for Fidelity UXD team to be recognized.

+ Goal

The goal was to produce a solution that would showcase Fidelity's design culture to designers and business partners interested in connecting with Fidelity. 

+ Result

The final solution is a webpage that introduces and celebrates Fidelity's designers, researchers, and strategists who work together to empower customers and make financial management more enjoyable.

Fidelity, one of the most highly rated investment advisory firms in the U.S. for its customer satisfaction and online support, is a word that means loyalty, support and faithfulness. With its reputation, the company needed a strategy to ensure:

1. Business partners understand Fidelity UXD is serious about designing the best customer experience. 
2. Talented designers interested in working at Fidelity understand where the company stands in human-centered design.

The Fidelity UXD website serves as a better representation of Fidelity's design culture than the "Why Fidelity" page of its official website. 



• • •

During my time at Fidelity, I also designed a logo for the Digitization of Service team. The Digitization of Service team focuses on analyzing a customer's struggle in navigating through his/her account, and relays the data and analysis to the appropriate team to reassess.

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