Fidelity User Experience Design Website

I designed the Fidelity User Experience Design website that serves as a communication platform between Fidelity design employees and prospective designers so the designers can learn about the team's impact and culture. 

Role: User Interface Designer 

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Target Audience

Prospective design employees


Customer Development, Wire-framing, Visual Composition, InVision Mockup

Time Frame

June 2015 - Aug 2015


As the Fidelity User Experience Design team continues to grow and the practice of design continues to evolve in the banking industry, the team has found itself designing for the next generation of products and users. The Fidelity design team was in need of a vehicle that could communicate the team's practice to inspire and attract prospective designers for the UXD team. 

A Platform that Informs and Connects.

The intern team collaborated together to build the information architecture of the website. With the information we organized, I focused on building the People page from ground up, a page to help users easily connect with employees. I also refined the Our Work section of the website. 


The new website incorporates a richer yet simpler interface for customers, and a easy-to-use communication platform for the design team. The holistic overhaul of design flow and visuals give a cleaner experience of the brand. 

>> Note that my design shown on this page was modified on the live site, which launched after my internship. <<

Problem Analysis

The team started with many interesting concepts, such as creating an online virtual tour, for the Fidelity design team to attract job-seeking designers. We narrowed down to the ideas that could use Fidelity's current resources, and realized those ideas could be simplified with a less costly, informative website. 

Refinement based on User Testing

While I worked on the People section of the UXD website, I went through three major developments with the help of user testers.

Guided by Research, Designed with Empathy. 

Fidelity Investment's strength is its employees - average human beings who are loyal to providing the best customer support. With the help of web research, I strived to show the human-side of Fidelity designers and their willingness to stay connected. 

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