Travel Archive : A Storage for Security

UI/UX Design 

A travel app for avid travelers that alerts incidents in a nearby location, stores and shares back-up plans, which can be viewed without wi-fi.

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Self (Personal project) 


Customer Development, Wire-framing, Visual Composition, InVision Mockup

Time Frame

January 2017 - January 2017 

+ Backstory 

Growing up my parents have always been protective, especially when I traveled. While their worries showed their affection, I thought it would be nice to have a designated travel journal so phone conversations would start with "How was hiking today" instead of "Why couldn't I reach you?"

+ Product Mission 

The product was created to connect avid travelers, keep guardians assured, and provide seamless adventures. 

Travel Archive is suitable for independent travelers and big travel groups. It 

1. Alerts breaking news, nearby incidents and weather reports so the traveler can stay safe and have fun responsibly.
2. Stores individual destinations, flight and housing options. Saving and storing ensures flexibility in travel plans. 
3. Connects the traveler with family/friends. The planner of a trip can share a trip, collaborate with invited members in real-time, and also hide specific destinations from specific members for privacy. 

A "card" keeps basic details under its hood so the user doesn't need to worry about losing any information before traveling and during the journey. Cards can be moved from one date to another without losing any notes, and can be viewed without wi-fi.

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